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Viessmann officially launches in Vietnam with comprehensive and sustainable water solutions

Ho Chi Minh City, 1 November 2023, Viessmann - The leading German group in sustainable climate solutions - held its brand and product launching event in Vietnam, following the inauguration of its first factory in Dong Nai in June 2023.

With the message "For an Ease-of-Mind Lifestyle", Viessmann introduces its two product categories, namely the Vitowell water heaters and Vitopure water purifiers, to consumers by offering the opportunity to directly experience the superior quality and unique advantages of these products.

Bringing the journey of 106 years of creating the best quality of life and living spaces for generations to come to Southeast Asia including Vietnam

As a pioneer in the field of sustainable energy and climate solutions, with a history spanning over 100 years and the presence in more than 74 countries, Viessmann recognizes the essential need for hot and clean water among the people of Southeast Asia. Providing efficient water solutions that align with the region's usage requirements is a top priority for Viessmann. Furthermore, the challenges related to climate and water quality are significant concerns faced by not only Southeast Asia but also the global community.

“Our strategic approach is firmly rooted in our company's purpose of creating living spaces for generations to come. Recognizing the critical importance of water as a fundamental natural resource in our daily lives, we are enthusiastic in introducing our water solutions to the people of Vietnam. This initiative also aligns with our commitment to supporting Vietnam's development and enhancing the overall quality of life. With our strong German heritage spanning 106 years, our brand delivers unwavering quality and reliability, setting high standards for the end-users. As Vietnam's dynamic economy continues to thrive, we have made substantial investments in the country, from manufacturing and R&D to marketing and service deliveries, as we endeavor to establish Viessmann as a leading brand in the country and region”, said Mr. Alexander Ziehe - Managing Director of Viessmann Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Viessmann's first factory in Vietnam incorporates cutting-edge German engineering techniques, combined with local innovation and expertise from our international R&D team located in Vietnam. This approach is aimed at developing solutions tailored to the needs of consumers in the Southeast Asian region, offering superior performance, safety, user-friendliness, cost efficiency, and a commitment to sustainable development goals.

The comprehensive water solutions contribute to a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle

Viessmann introduces two newly engineered product categories in the Vietnam market, dedicated to the most demanding consumer market: the Vitowell range of instant electric water heaters and storage water heaters, and the Vitopure range of water filters and purifiers; aiming to provide users with high-quality integrated water solutions.

Viessmann's Vitowell electric water heaters come in two sub-product ranges: Vitowell comfort (indirect storage water heaters) and Vitowell easy (direct instant water heaters). The Vitowell range of electric water heaters  stand out in terms of safety technology, attention to quality, improved durability, energy-saving features, and compliance with European quality certification - CE, ensuring safety and optimal performance for users.  

The Vitowell easy instant electric water heater range offers superior design and performance in a compact size. They are suitable for any space and deliver top shower comfort with absolute safety. Every Vitowell easy product ensures safety through Viessmann’s internally engineered and unique mechanical electrical safety protection (mechanical ELCB). It guarantees a safe and comfortable temperature thanks to the safety temperature sensors. Superior levels of comfort are also offered with the advanced feature of Electronic Smart Constant Temperature technology, available within Vitowell easy range. All Viessmann’s Vitowell easy instant electric water heaters come with a built-in  DC booster water pump, silently boosting shower comfort with sufficient water flow.   The complete range, even the classic range, are well-equipped with a complete bathroom set of elegant shower accessories including the  5-water-spray shower head for an enhanced experience.

For more demanding users and large families, the Vitowell comfort storage electric water heater range has  a wide variety of designs, capacities, and installation modes. It has been engineered with the objective to provide a more durable, safer, and efficient hot water system for the entire family. At the heart of all Vitowell comfort storage water heaters is the Viessmann's water tank, with an exclusive coating protection “CeratechⓇ technology” - a protective internal tank ceramic layer that operates smoothly under high pressure and hard waters, and remains corrosion-resistant throughout its lifespan, providing an extended guarantee to our products. More outstanding benefits are provided by Viessmann high-quality internal components, such as the enhanced CeratechⓇ coating for heating elements protection, the visual top-design ring LED for water temperature status, the digitally controlled display for programming and heating time management. Viessmann water heaters  undoubtedly provide the most suitable and elegant design in the market to fit most modern households.

To optimize user experience and provide a healthier, ecological and cost-effective way of living, the Vitowell water heaters can be integrated with Viessmann’s Vitopure water purifiers and softeners product line. Designed in Germany with advanced water treatment technology and extensive water quality testing, Vitopure serves both drinking water and household water needs. Vitopure offers 5 different product ranges: S2, S3, S4-RO, S5, and S6, each with its unique modern design and features tailored to different water usage purposes. Viessmann's water filters and purifiers can operate independently or in combination to provide optimal water quality, improve physical health, and extend the lifespan of other water-using devices in the household.

In addition, Viessmann’s Vitopure water purifier allows users to drink water directly from the tap after filtration, depending on the source of water. This reduces dependence on bottled mineral water, contributing to plastic waste reduction and environmental protection.

Viessmann emphasizes on sustainable development, integral to its pursuit of a future-oriented vision and mission

Viessmann's commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection goes beyond simply developing products with full functionality and benefits for users by deeply considering each component of the products to ensure sustainable processes and environmental protection. Specifically, Viessmann employs sustainable materials in manufacturing and eliminates the use of Styrofoam in product packaging, replacing it with recycled paper sourced from Vietnam. The manufacturing process is also optimized to utilize environmentally friendly insulation for hot water heaters. All these efforts not only contribute to creating valuable products for consumers but also demonstrate Viessmann's dedication to sustainable development and environmental preservation.  

In line with this commitment, Mr. Dario Damati - Director of Product Marketing emphasized that “Viessmann meticulously engineered an extensive array of high-quality water solution appliances, designed with a keen focus on quality and design, expressly tailored to meet the discerning expectations of the consumers and clients in Vietnam.

Through the relentless optimization of sustainable manufacturing processes, Viessmann remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the life quality of Vietnamese families. Our enduring goal is to foster well-being in every household and cultivate a more favorable living environment for future generations.”

“Viessmann is firmly driven by the ambition to emerge as the leading premium brand in Vietnam and the broader Southeast Asian region. In pursuit of this objective, we are poised to intensify our marketing and sales efforts, bolster our regional footprints, and expand our product and solution portfolios. This strategic expansion aligns with our purpose of creating living spaces for generations to come, delivering innovative climate-related solutions such as advanced water and air treatment technologies,” Mr. Alexander Ziehe added.

Viessmann proudly co-operated with FC Bayern Munich - one of the world's most successful football clubs, as an official global climate partner. In this role, Viessmann will not only ensure that FC Bayern benefits from eco-friendly and sustainable heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions, but also serves as a catalyst for inspiring football and sports enthusiasts to harness the various ways in which Viessmann's climate solutions can make substantial contributions to reducing CO2 emissions. As a testament to this commitment, Viessmann and FC Bayern extended their international partnership until 2026, solidifying their dedication to this cause.

About Viessmann  

Founded in 1917 in Germany and headquartered in Allendorf, Viessmann is a fourth-generation business that is passionate about creating living spaces for generations to come. Now one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions with locations in 74 countries, Viessmann’s German heritage and industry leadership have helped build a modern and highly integrated ecosystem of solutions that emphasize safety, ease of use, high-quality design and durability. An innovation leader offering solutions for both consumer and commercial applications, Viessmann is also strongly invested in sustainable solutions, including the ongoing development of hydrogen technologies that will play a vital role in the energy transition towards a net-zero future.

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