Vitowell easy Classic (Matt Black)

Instant Water Heater

The Vitowell easy Classic is a safe and durable instant electric water heater with German-designed mechanical ELCB safety protection.

Mechanical ELCB
Manual, stepless temperature regulation
Scalding protection
Durable structure

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Mechanical ELCB

For maximum protection against electric shock

Manual, stepless temperature regulation

For high comfort

Scalding protection

With shutdown at 55°C

Durable structure

Made of high-quality ABS material

Jet-waterproof casing

In line with IP 25 standard

Equipped with a complete shower accessory kit

For additional convenience

Introducing the Vitowell easy Classic (Matt Black)

Contemporary design

The new Vitowell easy Premium (Matt Black) comes with a brand new showerhead that complements its matt black design.

Vitowell  easy Classic: Simple and safe shower pleasure

The  Vitowell easy Classic is perfect for those looking for a simple yet reliable and durable water heater. Using the Classic heater, you don’t make any compromises in terms of safety and durability features like mechanical ELCB or anti-scald protection. At the same time, you will enjoy just the right water temperature, using the heater’s precise temperature regulation with stepless adjustment.

Extremely safe

The innovative Viessmann mechanical ELCB safety switch guarantees complete safety againstelectrical hazards by means of a mechanical circuit breaker that reacts to any possible electrical leakage.


Check the dimensions of  Vitowell easy water heaters in the following overview to assure that the device fits well into your home.

Product details





Water Connection


Weight with pump

2.4 kg

FAQ on instant water heaters

A power trip at home  caused by the turning on of the electric water heater is usually related to electrical wiring/ electrical supply problems that fall under these common causes:

  • Wrong wiring connection, or worn/damaged cables that has fused or come into contact with each other, leading to a short circuit
  • Failure to wire to a dedicated water heater power point/ front flex outlet. A 3-pin socket outlet should not be used because its power rating is insufficient to support water heater.
  • Sharing of the power point/socket with other electrical appliance(s) resulting in electrical overload. The power point for water heater should never be shared.
  • Faulty heater switch / power point.

Please consult a Licensed Electrician to check and rectify any electrical problem. If the power trip persists even after an electrical inspection, kindly contact Viessmann Service Support to check and service your water heater unit.

Check if the water inlet and outlet of your device have been connected correctly, as heating may have been deactivated as a safety feature in Viessmann instant water heaters in the following conditions:

  1. when the water inflow and outflow is detected to be incorrect. (Refer to the label on the underside of the heater unit to identify the heater inlet and outlet.)
  2. when the water flow rate is below 2L/min and/or water pressure is below 0.1bar

If the above conditions have been fulfilled and your water heater is still not working, please contact Viessmann Service Support to check and service on the water heater unit.

Sometimes, your shower water may not be hot enough due to these reasons:

  • Water flow rate is too high:   For instant water heater, the heating element generates heat to the water flowing through it. There is a maximum amount of heat that can be produced when the heater unit reaches its maximum operating power. If the water flow rate is too high, the same amount of heat produced has to be distributed among a larger volume of water flowing through, and so the temperature of the water outflow will be generally lower. In such a situation, turn on the shower tap partially instead, or install a flow restrictor (of around 5-6L/min flow rate ideally) to reduce the water supplying to the water heater.
  • Water pressure is too high: When the water is flowing too fast due to high pressure, the fast-flowing water will not be able to heat up efficiently and so the temperature of the water outflow will be lower. Ensure that the water pressure is within the recommended operating range of 0.1 – 6 bar.
  • Water supply is too cold: If the temperature of water supply can be significantly lower than usual, even the maximum amount of heat generated may still be insufficient to raise the temperature of the cold water instantly to the desired temperature.

Over time, clogging of sediments at the filters of the stop valve and clogging of showerhead nozzles from the build-up of particulate minerals (e.g. iron, calcium carbonate in household water) can weaken the discharge of water at the shower head. These regular maintenance actions can be taken to maintain the water discharge:

  • Remove the filters and flush them with water to remove any trapped sediments
  • Remove the showerhead and rinse the deposit away with water
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