Installation checklist

While it is important to decide on the water heater that best fits your household needs and requirements, it is equally important to consider the installation process. Hazardous installation of the water heater may land you in hot water, though not quite the kind that you had in mind when you were buying it.

Installation checklist

Do not power the appliance until the tank is filled with water. Otherwise, the appliance may be damaged.  

To prevent burns, adjust the water temperature appropriately before use. Water above 50°C is   dangerous for humans.  

When running the appliance, check the safety relief valve regularly in the following way: Move the handle of the safety relief valve and check if any water flows out. If no water flows out, it indicates that the valve works abnormally. In such case, please contact your local Technical Service Center.

To avoid dangers, the damaged power chord must be replaced by the power chord manufacturer or its service or any other responsible department.

Immediately stop the appliance if the external earthing system is abnormal.  

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