Hybrid heating – for a future-proof energy mix

Viessmann's compact hybrid appliances combine two energy sources in one unit: highly efficient with a modern condensing boiler for gas or oil and with a heat pump for renewables through free environmental energy. The intelligent Hybrid Pro Control energy manager can automatically select the most favourable and efficient operating mode.

A hybrid system offers the greatest possible flexibility

When it comes to energy and heating, there are a lot of solutions out there. The decision to go with one heating system or another is not easy. One thing is certain: prices for fossil fuels and electricity are subject to strong fluctuations in the long term. So it's all the better if you do not have to rely on a single energy source for your heating, but can instead invest in a futureproof hybrid system.

With hybrid appliances, two independent heat generators are integrated in a single unit: a gas or oil condensing boiler is combined with an electrically powered heat pump that takes most of its energy from the air or water. This mix of energy combines "renewable" with "highly efficient" energy and provides the greatest possible freedom to use the energy source that is most affordable at the time. The control unit settings can be adjusted for any situation on the energy market so that the most affordable and efficient mode of operation is always selected when energy prices are fluctuating.


Both highly efficient and renewable

Viessmann heat pumps offer high levels of efficiency, which is not only helpful when it comes to economy. The use of renewables from the environment also saves valuable resources and reduces CO₂ emissions. Together with highly efficient condensing boilers from Viessmann, you can always rely on achieving economical operation that consumes less energy.

Consequently, in operation they always achieve an optimum mix of renewable and conventional energy. The intelligent Hybrid Pro Control can be individually set so that the more efficient –– and therefore most affordable –– heat generator is selected at any one time. Constantly fluctuating energy prices will never be an issue again.

Hybrid Pro Control – the intelligent energy manager    

Heating systems are normally controlled subject either to room or outside temperature. The intelligent Hybrid Pro Control energy manager thinks ahead and regulates the system with variable settings. You can customise these settings and change them at any time:

  • Energy prices
  • CO₂ emissions
  • Self-consumption
  • Energy efficiency
  • Heat demand

The right energy mix for efficient operation

Thanks to Hybrid Pro Control, the control unit recognises, for example, for how long the heat pump will be able to cover the entire heat demand on its own. Should this time be exceeded, it will then call for backup from the condensing module. Hybrid Pro Control automatically determines the timing and responds accordingly: it uses the currently set energy prices for electricity and gas or oil to calculate which fuel type can be used most efficiently at any given time. However, Hybrid Pro Control never loses sight of the efficiency of the system as a whole. If one of the heat generators is less economical than the other according to the selected reference value, it is switched off.

Efficient or environmentally responsible? Convenient, no matter what

The choice is yours The hybrid system can be run either with focus on environmental responsibility or on cost effectiveness. Simply set it up: Hybrid Pro Control does the rest.

  1. Economical operation
    As economical as it gets: depending on energy prices and the system version, you can save up to 40  percent on heating costs in economy mode.

  2. Ecological operation
    An added bonus for the environment: this setting ensures the system operates with the lowest CO₂ emissions per kWh of thermal energy. Irrespective of whether economical or ecological mode is selected, the "comfort mode" function will always prioritise DHW heating.

Take advantage of these benefits

In future, you will always heat your house the hybrid way with the most affordable energy source available.
They are ready now for the electricity market of the future (SmartGrid ready).
They receive high state subsidies through Federal Funding for Energy-Efficient Buildings (BEG).
Hybrid appliances are available for use with gas or oil and for retrofitting to suit any requirements.
Completely prefabricated system that takes up the smallest possible amount of space
Best ErP rating: A++

The advantages of Hybrid Pro Control

When calculating the most affordable operating mode, the Hybrid Pro Control energy manager also takes into account electricity generated on site by a photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaics product info

Hybrid heating – optimum mix of renewable and conventional energy sources

Viessmann combines highly efficient condensing technology with the utilisation of free environmental energy. The Vitocaldens 222-F compact hybrid appliance makes it possible to find the optimum combination of renewable and conventional energy sources. When it comes to retrofitting existing condensing boilers with free environmental energy, Viessmann has the right system for you: the Vitocal 250-SH hybrid heat pump can be combined with a wall mounted or floorstanding condensing boiler.


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