Ease-of-mind Privilege Promotion


As we celebrate the introduction of our brand and products in Vietnam, Viessmann is offering a special promotion for the water heaters successfully registered for online warranty.



Promotion Guidelines


Any consumer who purchases the Vitowell easy instant water heaters or Vitowell comfort storage water heaters and successfully registers for the online warranty on the website www.viessmann.com.vn will enjoy the following promotions:

Purchase any Vitowell easy instant water heater, receive a FREE Vitopure S6-T tap water filter valued at 790,000 VND, a 1-to-1 replacement in the first 2 years policy, and a 500,000 VND 'Got It' shopping voucher for your next purchase.

Purchase any Vitowell comfort storage water heater, receive a  FREE Vitopure S6-H shower filter valued at 990,000 VND, a 1-to-1 replacement in the first 2 years policy, and a 500,000 VND 'Got It' shopping voucher for your next purchase.

Effective Period:  From 2 October 2023 to 31 August 2024

Applicable to: end-users

Scope: Nationwide

Terms and Conditions

  • End-users must successfully register for the warranty online on the website and receive a confirmation email/text message.
  • Installation fees apply to Vitopure S6-T and Vitopure S6-H products (if end-users require installation).
  • Voucher usage conditions

- The voucher is only applicable when the next purchase is made and the warranty is registered no later than 30 June 2024.

- The voucher will only be sent, activated, and valid for use after the  end-user successfully registers the warranty online for the next product purchased.

- The voucher is valid for use according to Got It's policy.

- The gift and voucher will be sent to the address, phone number, and email of the  end-user who successfully registers the warranty for the product.

- The next order is eligible for the promotion only when the warranty registration's information matches the first order.  

  • Conditions for 1-to-1 replacement in the first 2 years:
    -  When the product failure occurs due to an electrical or mechanical defect by the manufacturer, users will receive a brand new replacement product of like model, quality and value. The replaced product's warranty period starts from the date of the Sales Invoice/Receipt of the original product.

- Cases not eligible for the replacement:
+ Lack of a warranty certificate or related invoice for the product.
+  The serial number or model on the product has been tampered with, erased, or the product information does not match the invoice related to the product (if applicable).
+  Product damaged due to transportation, improper use, improper installation according to the manual, unstable power supply, incorrect use of 220V±10% voltage, weak/strong water source (according to the required water pressure specifications specified in the user manual), dirty, alum… or poorly preserved such as water, dust, dirt, animals, insects, foreign objects, etc. machine causes product damage.
+  The customer arbitrarily removes or changes the product structure or the repaired product is not at the administrative center or authorized warranty station of Viessmann Vietnam.
+  Any loss or damage to the product resulting from an act of God (including without limitation, events such as earthquake, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, civil commotion).

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