Vitopure S2

Central Electric Purifiers

The Vitopure electric S2 central water filter removes a broad variety of contaminants. High capacity and auto-flush function make it a great choice for families living in houses.

Electric water filter with high capacity
Auto-flush for convenient maintenance
Kinetic degradation fluxation (KDF) filter
Coconut shell activated carbon filter

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Electric water filter

With high capacity for efficient central water filtration


For convenient maintenance

Hygienic household water

Removes 99% of germs, virus, and bacteria

Eliminates heavy metals

Such as lead, mercury, etc.

Effectively absorbs chlorine and chloroform

For better water quality

Removes sediments

Such as dirt, sand, algae and others

Neutralizes odor and colors

And provides clear, fresh water

Vitopure  S2: Better water quality for cooking, bathing and cleaning

Viessmann is offering two solutions for central water purification in your whole home: the Vitopure  electric S2 purifier, or the non-electric S5 purifier which is installed under the sink. All central purifiers work at the point of entry, thus ensuring clean water throughout the complete house. S2 filters remove a broad variety of harmful substances with different filtration steps. They are available at different water volume capacities. Large water treatment capacity makes S2 filters reliable for central water processing.

KDF and coconut shell activated carbon filter

Vitopure  S2 central filters are equipped with two filters: the KDF filter and a coconut shell activated carbon filter. The result: extensive water cleaning, filtering sediments, chlorine, virus and bacteria and heavy metals. At the same time, the filters remove bad odor and chlorine.


Check the dimensions of Vitopure  S2 in the following overview and find more technical data below.

Vitopure S2-2T and Vitopure S2-3T

Technical data

Sediment filtration


Chlorine filtration


Calcium filtration


Virus/bacteria filtration


Heavy metals filtration


Odor neutralization


Color neutralization


Flow rate

S2-2T: 33L/min

S2-3T: 50L/min

Working pressure

0.1-0.65  MPa

Inlet/outlet connection

DN 20

Drainage pipe connection

DN 15

Working temperature

4-39 °C

Power input

AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz


S2-2T: 14 kg
S2-3T: 24 kg

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