Vitopure S3

Central Water Softener

Viessmann Vitopure S3 filters soften domestic water to prevent limescale, to increase the lifetime of your water-using appliance and to protect hair and skin.

Reduces water hardness
Increased lifetime of home appliances
Protects skin and hair
High capacity filters

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Reduces water hardness

By filtering minerals like calcium and magnesium

Prevents scaling and increases the lifetime of home appliances

Such as dishwashers, washing and coffee machines, water heaters and other purifiers

Protects skin and hair

By softening the household water

High capacity filters

For constant soft water supply


For easy operation

Vitopure  S3: soft water throughout your home

Viessmann S3 filters soften your domestic water by extracting minerals like calcium or magnesium to   prevent limescale and to increase the lifetime of your water-using appliance. At the same time, soft water is ideal for hair and skin care. S3 filters are high-capacity devices which are available at two or three cubic metre flow rate per hour.

Resin and salt for filtering and regeneration

Viessmann water softeners work through a process called ion exchange which eliminates minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water. Resin neutralizes the minerals. Given its smooth surface, it makes water purifiers run efficiently for a long time. Adding salt to the purifier enables the regeneration of resin - minerals are flushed away with waste water.

Vitopure S3 salt tablet refill


Check the dimensions of  Vitopure S3 in the following overview and find more technical data below.

Vitopure S3-2T and Vitopure S3-3T

Technical data

Sediment filtration


Chlorine filtration


Calcium filtration


Virus/bacteria filtration


Heavy metals filtration


Odor neutralization


Color neutralization


Flow rate

S3-2T: 33 L/min
S3-3T: 50 L/min

Working pressure

0.1-0.65  MPa

Inlet/outlet connection

DN 20

Drainage pipe connection

DN 15

Working temperature

4-39 °C

Power input

AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz

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