Vitovolt 300

Photovoltaic modules

For installation on the roofs of detached houses and apartment buildings, as well as on commercial and industrial premises. Output up to 410 Wp

Up to 25 year output guarantee
Quick installation
Matching system components available
High performance values

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Up to 25 year output guarantee

On photovoltaic modules from Viessmann

Up to 15 year product guarantee

From Viessmann

Matching system components available

Such as substructures, connecting cables, inverters and power storage units

Solutions for self-consumption

As well as storing power and exporting it to the public grid

Quick installation

Through plug-in solutions for electrical connections

High quality assurance

Certification to IEC, EEC 89/392 and protection class II

Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules

Vitovolt  300 photovoltaic modules

The  Vitovolt 300 product range includes monocrystalline modules with an output of up to 410 Wp. They are also available with a black design up to a rated output of 405  Wp.

Vitovolt  300 photovoltaic modules feature high performance values and uncompromising quality, plus the comprehensive Viessmann product and output guarantees. In addition, all modules are only ever supplied with positive output tolerances. This means an increase in output of up to 5  Wp.

As renewable energy systems become more widespread, there is a growing willingness to self-generate electricity. Powerful photovoltaic systems now offer the opportunity to use free solar energy in a profitable way. By installing photovoltaic modules, users demonstrate their responsible attitude towards the environment, and make an active contribution towards protecting the climate by reducing CO2 emissions.

With energy costs constantly rising, a photovoltaic system helps users save money and reduces their reliance on power supply utilities. The power generated can be put to use on site, stored temporarily or exported to the public grid. Thanks to statutory feed-in tariffs or the savings made through self-consumption, the investment pays for itself within a short period of time.

Special features of the Vitovolt 300 modules

Vitovolt  300  modules are distinguished by their design and dimensions. Some modules feature a black anodised frame, very dark monocrystalline cells and a black Tedlar film. The result is a unique design for attractive solar architecture and maximum outputs for optimum yield.

A comprehensive process of quality assurance ensures that the high demands placed on the Vitovolt  300 series photovoltaic modules are met at all times. All stages of production of the  Vitovolt 300 modules are monitored carefully, starting with the comprehensive commercial and technical qualifications required of our suppliers. And not only for the first production run – every single production stage is monitored on site, and approved only if the extensive Viessmann specification criteria are met. Inspection of incoming goods in the warehouse ensures that the quality of the  Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules is maintained even during transit.

Combined heat and power generation and photovoltaic systems can generate as much power for a detached house as a four-person family uses in a year. Vitocharge  power storage systems are the ideal complement to the energy system. They enable power to be supplied exactly when it is needed.

This makes efficient, decentralised power supply with high levels of on-site consumption and self-sufficiency a reality. Viessmann is the only manufacturer to supply all products from a single source, so that users can make effective and economical use of the power they generate. This offers the user independence from the public electricity grid.

Self-generated power for use on site

Due to falling feed-in tariffs, self-consumption of self-generated solar power is the preferred option nowadays. Electricity costs per kilowatt hour are generally far higher than the feed-in tariff for the same kilowatt hour of solar power exported to the grid. Therefore, the photovoltaic power generated is first consumed on site or temporarily stored, and only surplus electricity is exported to the grid.

In Germany, this is governed by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), which states that power supply utilities are obliged to accept the power not consumed on site and absorb it into their grid. Photovoltaic systems therefore have many benefits:

  • Environmental protection –– photovoltaic systems reduce the damage caused by emissions and protect natural resources.
  • Increase in property value –– they make your property more attractive and increase its value.
  • Costs –– generating solar power on site is significantly cheaper nowadays than drawing domestic power from the grid.
The picture shows a solar system with PV modules in black; output up to 395 Wp.

Photovoltaics  –– efficient self-consumption of solar power

Self-consumption offers financial advantages as solar power generated on-site is cheaper than power drawn from the grid. An optimised system concept with perfectly matched components ensures this high level of self-consumption.

Product details


Up to 410 Wp

Module efficiency

Up to 21.3 %

Application area

Residential buildings, commercial enterprises, industry, local authority premises | new build and modernisation projects

Additional features

Secured investment with Viessmann's extended up to 15 year product guarantee and up to 25  year performance guarantee.

Product cross-section
Structure of the silicon cell
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