Vitopure S4-RO-400G Pro

Drinking Water Purifier

Using reverse osmosis (RO) and a chemical filtration process to deep-clean your water for carefree drinking and cooking, the Vitopure S4-RO-400G Pro features a brand new ergonomic water purification tap for easier operation.

Removes sediments, germs, virus and bacteria
Absorbs chlorine, chloroform and chemicals
Eliminates heavy metals, odor and color
Compact size and easy installation

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Removes sediments

Such as dirt, sand, algae and others

Removes germs, virus, and bacteria

For hygienic household water

Effectively absorbs chlorine and chloroform

For better water quality

Removes chemicals

As well as pesticide or other pollutants

Eliminates heavy metals

Such as lead, mercury, etc.

Neutralizes odor and colors

And provides clear, fresh water

Compact size

To fit in every home

Easy and flexible installation

Either countertop or under the sink

Electric use

Enables constant monitoring

Vitopure  S4-RO-400G Pro: deep-clean of your tap water

Vitopure S4-RO water filters apply reverse osmosis (RO), a multi-stage mechanical and chemical filtration process. It is based upon a partially permeable membrane to separate ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from the water at maximum filter accuracy. S4-RO filters are available as two variants, either for countertop or for undersink installation. The result: a seamless flow of pure drinkable water from the filter’s dedicated tap at a flow rate of 1.2 litres per minute.

Vitopure S4-RO-400G Pro multistage filtration process

Brand new ergonomic tap design

Besides the benefits of its predecessor, the Vitopure  S4-RO-400G Pro features a brand new ergonomic water purification tap for easier operation.

An image of the LED Tap detail of the Vitopure S4-RO-400G Pro.

One-touch activation and easy access

Installed below the kitchen counter, its powerful filtration function can be activated with just one touch. A magnetic front panel allows immediate access to the filter's replacement slots.

Dual water outlet with independent waterways

  After purified water passes through the the first composite filter, it directly flows out from the purified water outlet. Pure water will still need to be filtered through the second RO membrane filter before flowing out from the pure water outlet.  Components within the product that are prone to resonance have been specially designed with soundproofing cotton, effectively reducing noise.

Image of the dual waterways of the Vitopure S4-RO-400G Pro.

Sleek design for the LED dual outlet water tap

The standard LED dual outlet water tap of the Vitopure S4-RO-400G Pro adopts a fully copper inner core plated with chrome, while icons are laser engraved onto its metallic texture, complementing interior decoration styles.


Check the dimensions of Vitopure  S4 in the following overview and find more technical data about the filtration capailities below.

Dimensions of the Vitopure S4-RO-400G Pro drinking water purifier.

Product details

Sediment filtration


Chlorine filtration


Calcium filtration


Virus/bacteria filtration


Heavy metals filtration


Odor neutralization


Color neutralization


Pure water flow rate

1.2 litres per minute

Daily pressure range

0.1 - 0.65 MPa

Water inlet size

DN 10

Water outlet size

DN 8

Working temperature

1-39 °C

Power input

AC 220V, 50 Hz


13 kg

Product size

370 x 146 x 337.5 mm

Raw water

Municipal tap water

Total approved net water volume

4000 L

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