Vitocal 262-A

DHW heat pump

DHW heat pump for outdoor, recirculation and exhaust air operation with enameled storage water heater (300 liter capacity).

Low running costs
Low sound emissions
Natural refrigerant R290
Operation via ViCare app

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DHW heating to a maximum of 70 °C

Up to 65 °C via the heat pump module; up to 70 °C with immersion heater or heat generator

Three versions to cater for every need

For mono mode operation and for retrofitting and upgrading existing systems.

Consume self-generated photovoltaic power

Prepared for optimized consumption of self-generated PV electricity

Installation in rooms with low ceilings

Up to 2 metres

Smart Grid capability

Ready for the future

Dehumidification of basement rooms in existing buildings

In recirculation air mode

Low running costs

Thanks to a highly efficient refrigerant circuit

Low sound emissions

Thanks to special silent mode

Quick heat-up function

With immersion heater

Vitocal 262-A DHW heat pump

Cost effective and energy saving use of heat from the indoor air, outdoor air or extract air for DHW heating

The  Vitocal 262-A DHW heat pump uses heat from the indoor air, outdoor air or extract air for cost effective and energy saving DHW heating.

The  Vitocal 262-A DHW heat pump is an ideal addition to the existing heating system. In the new Vitopearlwhite design, the appliance is also suitable for installation near the living space. The wall mounted version is particularly compact. The  Vitocal 262-A provides low cost and energy saving DHW heating. To do so, the universal unit extracts heat from the outdoor air, as well as from the ambient air and extract air indoors.

Typical applications include laundry rooms, bakeries or server rooms, where a large amount of heat is regularly produced.

The integrated range of solutions for the Vitocal 262-A

Benefit from the value added services and digital services of Viessmann's integrated range

ViCare app

The ViCare app provides intuitive heating control. Green for go – the user can see at a glance in the app whether their heating system is working as it should.

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Special features of the  Vitocal 262-A

Three versions to cater for every need

The hybrid version of the Vitocal 262-A (type T2H-R290) with integrated heat exchanger is available for integration into oil, gas, biomass and district heating systems. It can replace an existing DHW cylinder so that the heating system can remain out of operation during the warmer months of the year.  

The electric version of the Vitocal 262-A (type T2E-R290) is used instead of an electric cylinder. However, it can also be used in combination with a heating heat pump and ensures completely self-sufficient DHW heating.  

The intelligent control unit selects the operating mode between the heat pump and the heat generator, taking into account energy prices and the output values of the heat pump. The Vitocal 262-A preheats the water in the integrated 300 liter cylinder. The existing heat generator is used for reheating when required to ensure maximum DHW convenience.

In the space saving wall mounted version (type T2W-R290), DHW heating is provided by an adjacent DHW cylinder (160 to 500  litre capacity).

The Climate Protect label is based on the TEWI indicator (total equivalent warming impact), which characterizes the life cycle efficiency of the appliance and the greenhouse gas potential of the refrigerant used.

KEYMARK certified

The Viessmann  Vitocal 262-A is Heat Pump KEYMARK certified.

Efficient and convenient thanks to Viessmann One Base

With Connectivity Inside, the Vitocal 262-A is directly integrated into the Viessmann One Base platform. This allows the entire heating system to be operated via the ViCare app. The installer can keep an eye on the system online via ViGuide and correct any irregularities as quickly as possible.

Product details

DHW heating

DHW heated to a maximum temperature of 70  °C (up to 65  °C via heat pump module and up to 70  °C with immersion heater or heat generator)

Coefficient of performance ε (COP)*

Recirculation air mode: 4.02 | Outdoor air mode: 3.43 | *To EN  16147:2017 for A20/W10-53

Energy efficiency class, DHW heating**

A++ | **In accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  811/2013 for water heaters

Application area

Detached houses, new build

Additional features

Prepared for optimised consumption of photovoltaic self-generated power –– two-stage function possible (heat pump and immersion heater)

Product cross-section (type T2H-R290)
Product cross-section (type T2E-R290)
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