ViCare Comfort & Savings

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ViCare is simply reassuring: Once it's set, there's nothing more you need to do, just operate the heating system conveniently via smartphone at any time, from anywhere. But what happens if you forget to switch the heating on when you're out and about? "Comfort & Savings" can help.

Enjoy the following benefits


Easy to set up and control


Turns the heating down independently


Reduces energy consumption and costs


The highest level of data protection

Smart Climate

Works with ViCare components

Family & Friends

Heating system control via multiple accounts

Save heating costs fully automatically when no one is at home

With ViCare Comfort & Savings, heating system switching times and operation while on the move become almost unnecessary. ViCare uses the smartphone's geofencing function to detect when everyone has left the home and then saves energy automatically.

Many Viessmann heat generators are compatible

Geofencing is supported for the following connected products with Vitotronic control unit:

  • Vitodens 2xx and 3xx (wall mounted)
  • Vitocrossal 300 (floorstanding)
  • Vitoladens 300 (floorstanding)
  • ViCare thermostatic radiator valves (in conjunction with the aforementioned heating systems)
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